The following mistakes are the ones that brides-to-be tend to make most frequently when they go to wedding expos.

Forgetting to bring along samples of the wedding products they have already chosen

Far too many brides-to-be do not bring along samples of the wedding goods they have already picked out when they go to a wedding expo. This is quite a big mistake. For example, if a bride has already chosen the fabric and colour of the table runners they plan to use at their wedding reception and they plan to pick out the flowers for the venue's tables whilst they're at the expo, bringing along some samples of the table runner fabric in their chosen colour will enable them to hold this fabric up to the flowers on offer at the wedding expo and determine which ones go perfectly with the shade and texture of the material.

Likewise, if they have already picked out the artificial garlands they plan to drape around the wedding signs that they want to pick up at the expo, putting one of these garlands in their bag when they go to the event will mean that they will be able to wrap it around the wedding signs that are on display at the expo's stalls and check if the signs they like are proportional to the garland and that they match its undertones.

In the absence of these items, the brides-to-be may have to hazard a guess as to which goods for sale at the expo will complement the things they have already purchased (which could lead to them wasting money on things that don't match their existing wedding items), or they might have to go home empty-handed.

Inviting caring but slightly pushy relatives to attend the expo with them

Many relatives of brides-to-be like to be involved in the wedding planning activities. Whilst the extra support and interest expressed by these people can be useful, it can also cause issues if a bride-to-be is not skilled at setting boundaries. Sometimes these brides make the mistake of inviting their slightly domineering relatives.

This can result in these relatives pressuring the bride-to-be into booking certain services or buying particular goods at the expo that they don't really need or find appealing or that they cannot afford. This can result in them then trying to exchange or get refunds for these goods and services (in which case they may then have to have an uncomfortable conversation with their pushy relative, regarding why they returned these things), or they might have to put up with using these items or services at their wedding, despite the fact that they did not want them. As such, brides-to-be should only invite along people whose opinions they value and trust and who they know will not try to convince them to buy services or items that they're unsure about.